Tenant's Intent to Renew Lease or Vacate

If you are interested in renewing your lease agreement or you plan to vacate by the termination date of your present agreement, please indicate below and submit this completed form.

If you intend to renew the lease, we will send you a renewal agreement. All preliminary paper work must be completed 30 days prior to your current lease expiration date.

A “NO” reply on this form and submitted 30-days prior to the termination of your lease will be sufficient 30-day notice not to renew a lease. Failure of the Tenant to give written notice of intent to terminate by the first day of the last monthly rent period or any month-to-month rental periods will obligate the Tenant to a full month rent for the following full monthly period in addition to security deposit forfeiture.

Both Landlord and Tenant must agree upon a month-to-month lease, in advance, and appropriate forms signed.

Non-action on the Tenant’s part may result in Double rent charged for any hold over period past termination date and eviction may be instituted.